I’m QuiBot,
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weaving wonders in the
virtual realm

In the ever evolving landscape of music and technology, QuiBot stands as a groundbreaking innovation, redefining the boundaries of generative music


Developed by
IAIAI Technologies

Independent Artists Informing Artificial Intelligence

QuiBot is not merely a powerful AI but a platform that empowers musicians and respects their creative rights. It illustrates a balanced integration of technology and creativity within the music industry, with AI serving as a powerful ally rather than a threat.

In a world where technology can sometimes be perceived as a threat to the authenticity of artistic expression, QuiBot stands as a reassuring ally.

We believe QuiBot is the future of music and creative expression, revolutionizing the music world with its harmonious and groundbreaking capabilities, setting it apart as a pioneering innovation in the realm of generative music.

Our technology symbolises transformative evolution, and QuiBot distinguishes itself from other music AI systems with its unique ability to maintain a strong human connection to derivative works while upholding the rights of original artists. QuiBot's patented approach to copyright is unparalleled. Unlike other Generative music AI that raise legal questions, QuiBot designates the copyright holders of the original stems as the new copyright holders of the freshly created tracks.

This crucial step allows QuiBot to generate derivative works even from single artists, ensuring that the copyright can be fully assigned to the original creators. By highlighting traceability and a direct lineage from the original artists, this practice becomes a unique and indispensable aspect of the creative process. The amalgamation of all stems during the mixing process results in new derivative works that preserve a profound human connection to the original compositions.

The power to innovate, compose and redefine musical boundaries is now at the fingertips of musicians who choose to embrace AI.

This unique attribute ensures that the essence of the original artist's creativity remains intact, fostering a collaborative environment between human musicians and AI. QuiBot strives to uphold the rights of the original creators, offering a groundbreaking approach to generative music that aligns with ethical considerations and artistic integrity.

As musicians delve into the capabilities of QuiBot, they discover a platform that goes beyond mere automation. QuiBot becomes a creative collaborator, providing inspiration, expanding possibilities and adding a unique layer to the creative process. It's not about replacing human ingenuity but enhancing it, creating a harmonious synergy between human expression and AI generated creativity.

QuiBot PRO

A Pioneering Leap in AI-driven Music Creation

Imagine a world where your musical genius is mirrored, amplified and expanded by an AI so intuitive it feels like collaborating with a virtual version of yourself. QuiBot PRO is the next level in music generation AI designed exclusively for producers, composers and musicians who dream of pushing the boundaries of their own creativity. QuiBot PRO isn't just any AI, it's your AI. It learns solely from your extensive catalog, understanding your unique style, nuances, and musical preferences.