Mick Kiely

    A Visionary Pioneer in Generative Music and Ethical Innovation
Mick recognises that AI's true potential in music lies not only in its creative prowess but also in its capacity to uplift musicians and creators. In addition to his pioneering endeavors, Mick is a celebrated composer, author, captivating educator and magnetic speaker.

Mick Kiely, a visionary pioneer in the realm of generative music, is guided by a profound commitment to ethical innovation. In 2013, Mick innovated and developed the world's very first generative music platform 'XHAIL' which was warmly embraced and adopted by creatives in Hollywood. Mick's passion has consistently driven him to push the boundaries of what's possible while ensuring that AI's contributions to society remain positive and far reaching. Dedication to the betterment of humanity through technology is at the heart of his work.

As the creator of the HYPH technology, Mick's path is not just one of innovation but also of social responsibility. His belief that musicians should always come first and be justly rewarded for their work, particularly when it's harnessed by AI, is a cornerstone of his philosophy. He understands that the true power of AI in music lies not just in its creative potential but in its potential to uplift musicians and creators. Beyond his pioneering work, Mick is a revered composer, author, a captivating educator and a magnetic speaker. In 2020, Mick assumed the role of advisor to the esteemed Recording Academy of America, where he contributed insights and recommendations, ensuring that AI's impact on music remains ethical and beneficial.

Following his departure from HYPH in late 2021, Mick has continued to elevate his inventions to new heights. With the birth of IAIAI Technologies, Mick strives to redefine the boundaries of what is possible while ensuring that AI serves as a force for good. For him it is about more than just technological advancement, it's about the reformation of an industry to better serve and recognise its most vital contributors, the artists.